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Manufacturing Process


Rolled Products

Scrap as a raw input material is smelted in the smelting electric - arc furnace. Molten steel is then moved on to the refining furnace where it is given desired chemical composition and required temperature by continuous casting process. Molten steel is transported to the continuous six-line’ casting machine which forms 160x160x15.100 mm cuboids’ billets by steel-solidification process.

Later on billets are reheated in a reheating furnace. Such billets are rolled in a hot-rolling train and shaped the required way. Afterwards bars are let at a cooling plate. Finally, they are cut and bundled what makes them be available for sales.

Whole process is set-up the way not only to optimize cost/effect ratio but also to save energy significantly. On top of that it is done according to high demanding security standards in order to decrease its impact on our employees and not to harm natural environment.

The new rolling mill, launched in Q4 2009 let us wide semi-products’ portfolio by billets and blooms of these sizes: 180x 180 mm, 240x200 mm, 280x220 mm.

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