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Rebars in Coils for Cement Reinforcement

We offer rebars in coils for cement reinforcement of B500SP (trade name CELSAMAX B500SP) acc. PN-H-93220:2018 and B500SN acc. PN-H-93250:2018

  • diameters from 10 mm to 20 mm
  • weight coils ca. 3,0 Mg
  • exterior diameter from 1000 mm to 1350 mm
  • interior diameter - 850 mm
  • height coils – 800 mm

National Certificate of Constancy of Performance No 009-UWB-18-2018 and Certificate EPSTAL CPJS-EP/01 provide detailed information on B500SP grade. National Certificate of Constancy of Performance No 009-UWB-19-2018 provides detailed information on B500SN grade.

All rebars in coils are rolled in hot, and are cooled in TEMPCORE technology. That technology allows to reach the optimal chemical and physical characteristics of the material which are so much sought after and appreciated by the final users from the construction sector. Easiness and economical transformation of coils make them extremely desired not only by distributors but also by the ‘cut and bend’ shops.

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